Peer-reviewed articles

Taalbi, J. (2018) “Origins and pathways of innovation in the third industrial revolution.” forthcoming in Industrial and Corporate Change

Kander, A.; Taalbi, J.; Oksanen, J.; Sjöö, K.; Rilla, N. (2018) “Innovation trends and industrial renewal in Sweden and Finland, 1970-2013.” Scandinavian Economic History Review

Taalbi, J. (2017) “What drives innovation? Evidence from economic history” Research Policy, Vol. 46 (8), pp. 1456-1472

Taalbi, J. (2017) “Development blocks in innovation networks”. Journal of Evolutionary Economics, Vol 27(3), pp. 461-501. 

PhD dissertation (monograph)

Taalbi, J. (2014) Innovation as creative response. A study of the determinants of innovation in the Swedish manufacturing industry, 1970-2007. PhD thesis. Lund University

Book chapters 

Taalbi, J. (2016) Development blocks and structural analysis. In Ljungberg, J. (ed) (2016) Structural analysis and the process of economic development. Essays in memory of Lennart Schön. Routledge.

Taalbi, J. (2015) Lönebildning, omvandlingstryck och innovationer. In Johansson, T. (ed) (2015) Lönebildning bortom NAIRU. Landsorganisationen i Sverige. Stockholm

Working papers

Taalbi, J. (2018) Evolution and structure of technological systems

Taalbi, J. (2017) “Origins and pathways of innovation in the third industrial revolution. Sweden, 1950-2013” Lund Papers in Economic History, No. 156

Taalbi, J.; Ljungberg, J. (2017) “Innovation and economic growth in the Swedish engineering industry, 1914-2014” (latest version here)

Taalbi, J. (2015)  “Causality and endogenous structural change in economics and history”

SWINNO database:

Sjöö, K.; Taalbi, J.; Kander, A.; Ljungberg, J. (2014) SWINNO – A Database of Swedish Innovations. Lund Papers in Economic History. No 133

Reports and miscellaneous (2014-)

Taalbi, J.; Karlsson, L. (2018) Regionala innovationsmönster. Perspektiv från en ny innovationsdatabas, 1970-2013. Region Skåne.

Taalbi, J. (2016) Realistisk ekonomisk teori? In Hylmö, A. & Borgnäs, K. (eds) Fronesis, no 54-55 (“Ekonomiskt vetande”), p. 143-160. See more about this issue here

Scocco, S.; Taalbi, J. (2014) Lägre skatter, färre personal, större behov. Arena Idé. Stockholm

Currently in progress 

“Evolving technological complexity”. I study a generalized NK-model to derive insights on how the complexity of technological networks evolves depending on search strategies.

“What killed the electric car?” with Hana Nielsen (Lund university) We study the performance of American electric and gasoline cars at the turn of the 20th century, to better understand why electric cars were overtaken by gasoline.

“Trends and cycles in innovation output. Swedish engineering industry, 1918-2016”  Based on work with Jonas Ljungberg. Examines trends and cycles in innovation activity in the engineering industry, to delineate periods of high and low activity and secular trends against the backdrop of long wave theory and the hypothesis of secular stagnation

“Regional innovation and industrial transformation in Sweden, 1970-2013.” I present basic results on regional patterns of innovation in Sweden and compare results with patent indicators.

“Collaboration networks in Swedish innovation, 1970-2013” with Gergei Farkas (Lund university). We study the structure and development of collaboration networks using the SWINNO-database

“Unemployment in the long-run” with Erik Hegelund (Stockholm university). We investigate explanations of long and short-run variations in unemployment using wavelet analysis for a set of Western countries

“Innovation in Swedish shipbuilding, 1935-2013” with Tobias Karlsson (Lund University).