Codes and materials


This R code defines a function that takes a N by N adjacency matrix and produces partitions and modularity according to the algorithm proposed by Leicht & Newman (2007). The code is slow for large matrices, but should work well for small networks.

This R code runs band spectrum regressions following Engle’s seminal article (1974).



SWINNO database

The latest version of the SWINNO database is available here


What economist influenced most disciples? This data is assembled from Wikipedia’s “influenced/influenced by”. Not intended for research. I’ve used it only for illustration purposes such as the below.


Records from 18th century Tornio Valley

Birth, death and marriage records collected from parishes in the Tornio Valley.

Pajala’s birth records 1743-1762

Pajala’s death records 1728-1757

list of servants in Kengis iron mill 1731-1743 and 1744-1749

list of servants in Tornefors

list of servants in Junosuando furnace blast